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Can you name the GTA San Andreas Characters?

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Grove Street Families leader
Lives in Grove Street
Lives in Idlewood
Protagonists sister
Varrios Los Aztecas leader
Leader of C.R.A.S.H.
His right hand man
Internal Affairs informant
Aspiring rapper
Aging hippie
Fern Ridge resident
Government agent
Mountain Cloud Boys Dai Lo Lo
Electronics expert
Pleasure Domes Club owner
San Fierro Rifa leader
British record producer
The Gurning Chimps lead singer
Disbarred lawyer
Don of the Leone Family
Caligula's Casino waitress
His manager
Ganton drug dealer
Original Grove Street Families gangster
Local gun merchant
Friend of Varrios Los Aztecas leader
Friend of Varrios Los Aztecas leader
Friend of Varrios Los Aztecas leader
Friend of Varrios Los Aztecas leader
Retired army personnel
First girlfriend
Prison inmate of an aspiring rapper
Ballas gangster
Front Yard Ballas 'royalty'
Gas station employee
RS Haul manager
GTA III Protagonist
Girlfriend from Flint Range
Girlfriend from Juniper Hollow, San Fierro
Girlfriend who owns a garage
Mountain Cloud Boys assistant
Red Gecko Tong leader
His assistant
Triad pilot
Da Nang Boys leader
Girlfriend from El Quebrados
Sindacco Family mobster
Leone Family bodyguard
Talking parrot
Caligula's Palace croupier
Their client
Los Santos Vagos drug dealer
Blastin' Fools Records employee
Deceased police officer
Protagoinists mother
Protagonists deceased brother
Electronics expert
Ryder's unseen friend
Astral goat of an aging hippie
Black Project manager
Entertaining America host
Entertaining America host
Lonely Hearts host
Her lover
Radio X host
K-Rose host
K-DST host
K-Jah West co-host
K-Jah West co-host
SF-UR host
Master Sounds 98.3 host
CSR 103.9 host
Bounce FM host
Radio Los Santos host
Playback FM host
WCTR News anchor
WCTR News reporter
I Say/You Say co-host
I Say/You Say co-host
Gardening shot host
The Tight End Zone host
Area 53 host
The Wild Traveller host

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