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Forced Order
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If one side of a triangle is longer than a second side, then the angle opposite the ______ side is larger than the ______opposite the second side.
Write the Converse in terms of p and q
What Theorem? The sum of the lengths of any sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side
Write the Given Statement in terms of p and q
Write the Contrapositive in terms of p and q
True or False: If the measure of angle A is not 90, then angle A is not right
True or False: If a triangle is isosceles, then it is equilateral
First two words in an indirect proof
If one angle of a triangle is larger than the second angle, then the_____opposite the first angle is ________ than the side opposite the second angle.
True or False: If angle 1 =angle 2, then they are vertical angles
In an indirect proof our aim is to find a________.
Who is the best Geometry teacher?
Fill in the Blank: The measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is greater than the measure of either________ interior angle.
Write the Inverse in terms of p and q
True or False: If a triangle has congruent sides, then the triangle is not scalence
Name the Theorem! Two sides of triangle congruent to another, and 3rd side>than other 3rd side than included angle is >than other included angle

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