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QuestionAnswerWhere the heck is that?
What is the name of Godai’s Cousin in Maison Ikkoku? (first name is fine)
What are the names of the two battleships Shinji and Asuka use to destroy the 6th Angel? (no 'USS' etc needed)
Why is Mamori of Eyeshield 21 quarter-american? (“Genetics” won’t cut it, she was made 'foreign' for a reason).
Angelica of Gunslinger Girl is shown to have a stuffed toy dog in Manga volume #9. What’s its name? (I don’t care which language you choose).
In AMG Schrödinger’s Whales have a fondness for earth pop music. Whose songs do they start to sing to (and later with) Keiichi? (Originally, NOT in the translation)
Where was Sosuke of Full Metal Panic found by Kalinin?
Mickey of Area 88 eventually finds a lady love. What kind of plane does she fly? (I want the last one, and the name, not just the number. And that was a hint).
Two players on the Kisuragi Girls baseball team switch positions in the Manga, which two are they? (First and last names please, positions not needed).
What is the real title of the story arc made into the fifth Urusei Yatsura Movie “The Final Chapter”? (In English, don’t sound out the Katakana).
The Genshiken crew found an old fanzine while cleaning. Featuring (parody) art of 4 classic anime girls on the first page. Which series on that page is not on this quiz?

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