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Can you name the words that begin and end with 's'?

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Clue'S' Word
A female practitioner of magic
My ______ exactly.
Tool for cutting paper
______ Snape. Also a Roman Emperor
Bounty hunter Aran from the 'Metroid' series
Graeco-Egyptian god with a namesake cult.
Elder Baratheon brother from 'A Song of Ice and Fire.'
Island nation off of the coast of Africa.
The sum of the terms of a sequence. Baseball has a 'World' one.
Words four and five of 'America the Beautiful'. (Both the words and the phrase fit the theme!)
A type of infection
Dot-Dot-Dot, Dash-Dash-Dash, Dot-Dot-Dot
Pirate's telescope
Sold 'down by the seashore' in a popular tongue twister.
Clue'S' Word
Parisian working poor during the French Revolution. Their name translates to 'Without breeches.'
Candy with motto, 'Sour. Sweet. Gone.'
French for 'under.' Also refers to a type of chef.
Superficially pleasing or plausible
Unconvential military missions.
Latin motto of the US Marine Corps; it translates to 'Always faithful'
Combining parts or elements to form a new whole.
Ancient battle where the Athenian navy triumphed over the Persian navy. Also, the plural of a type of lunchmeat.
Of Assisi
To badmouth, or talk impudently to.
A state of stability, coming from the Greek for 'standing still.'
Old name for the Maluku Islands
Using or given to coarse language
Causing public outrage.

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