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Can you name the details about Calvin and Hobbes?

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The Revenge of the ......
Homicidal Psycho.....
What does calvin use to catch hobbes in the first strip?
Who finds hobbes after he is taken by a dog?
What does calvin get susie for her birthday?
What does calvin steal from Rosalyn and threaten to flush down the toilet?
What colour propeller beanie does calvin want?
What planet does calvin go to in weirdos from another planet?
What does calvin transmogrify his duplicates into?
Where does calvin run off to after seceding from his family?
Full name of calvins club
What baby animal did calvin rescue?
When calvin sells the earth to two aliens, what does he want for it?
Who created the calvin and hobbes strips?
What was the name of susie's doll that calvin kidnapped?
How much money did calvin demand in ransom for the doll?
Dad's favourite saying

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