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The future teaches you to be alone, the present to be afraid
Daylight turns to moonlight, and I'm at my best
How many special people change, how many lives are living strange?
Back in '68 in a sweaty club
When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low
It's ***** **** again, I think I might be happy if I wasn't out with them
Happiness, more or less, is just a change in me
By order of the prophet, you have to let that raga drop
How does it feel, to treat me like you do?
Naughty boys in nasty schools headmasters breaking all the rules
Twisting my melon man, you know you talk so hip man
I don't care if Monday's blue
Good morning miss, can I help you son?
This is why events unnerve me, they find it all a different story
All the things that I care about, all packed into one punch
Never saw it as the start, it's more a change of heart
Gold road's sure a long road, winds on through the hills for fifteen days
Do you remember a guy that's been in such an early song?
Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as...
She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge
Is happiness real, or am I so jaded?
There's no mistake, I smell that smell, it's that time of year again
What I've got you've got to give it to your momma
It's too late now it's twenty past two, I spent my night just watching you
Oh life, is bigger, is bigger than you
All men have secrets and here is mine, so let it be known
One two, princes kneel before you, that's what I said now
Take me out, tonight, to where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive
You have never been in love, until you've seen the stars, reflect in the reservoirs
Stop dreaming of the quiet life 'cause it's a one we'll never know
Is it my imagination, or have I finally found, something worth living for?
******* there's no heaven, it's easy if you try
You'll say that we've got nothing in common, no common ground to start from
Now I've got a cousin called Kevin, he's sure to go to heaven
I, can feel the earth begin to move, I hear my needle hit the groove

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