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Forced Order
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Spiro Agnew, Francis Scott Key, Rachel Carson
Alice Paul, Walt Whitman, Albert Einstein*
Chief Sealth, Kurt Cobain*, Jimi Hendrix
Fannie Lou Hamer, William Faulkner, Jimmy Rodgers
Frederick Douglass, Alexander Hamilton, Eleanor Roosevelt
Sam Walton, Orval Faubus, John Tyson
Hubert Humphrey, Andrew Volstead, Prince*
Thaddeus Stevens, Benjamin Rush, Ida Tarbell
Carry Nation, Walter Cronkite, William Clark
Christa McAuliffe, Josiah Bartlett, C. Everett Koop
Jane Addams, Cyrus McCormick, Emmett Till
Dwight Eisenhower, John Steuart Curry, Charles Curtis
William Randolph Hearst, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs
Red Cloud, 'Wild Bill' Hickock, 'Calamity Jane'
Charles Lindbergh, Sanford Dole, Lili'uokalani
John Nance Garner, Barbara Jordan, Lee Harvey Oswald
Robert E. Lee, Nat Turner*, John F. Kennedy
Robert LaFollette, Les Paul, Joseph McCarthy
Carl Albert, Will Rogers, Wilma Mankiller
Nicola Sacco*, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Phillis Wheatley

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