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Can you name the famous Americans whose speeches have been badly translated?

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Translated ExcerptSpeakerSpeech and Actual Excerpt
'You can not cross, gold man.'
'I know that the freedom of others can, of course, but for me or give me death?'
'What would be the slave of the US holiday?'
'Name, more than ever, and not on earth, I fear the tyranny of the line of sand and said that now, segregation, isolation, tomorrow, always.'
'We are the breath and think Goldwater. He told me that the dignity and rights, and our decision and determine their own destiny.'
'The time is ripe to come for democracy. Now, a dark and desolate valley road apartheid gift for racial equality.'
'Note that the purchase of materials and influences, or require or military action.'
'Bear, paragraph 4, the parents of seven years on this continent a new nation'
'Why the President to resign, effective tomorrow afternoon. He was vice president of the Ford Agency in the appointment.'
'I am a woman? The parents of 13 children of slaves, and my mother when I was sad to sell but Jesus heard me! I am a woman?'
Translated ExcerptSpeakerSpeech and Actual Excerpt
'The United States can not - and I liberal conservative American and I do not think the United States. Black and white Americans, Hispanic or Asian, USA - United States.'
'But now I am a happy man on the planet.'
'Asia and Africa, the problem is on every corner? White nationalism. Black nationalism and revolution. He wants to go.'
'I have to tell bad news, I think the citizens and bad news for lovers of peace throughout the world'
'So, you ask my Americans not what your country can do for you ask what your country can do.'
'... This is to prevent the establishment of large military, government, unfortunately, freedom, liberty, the heavily Republican against the government.''
'I repeat my opinion: The only thing to fear is fear - the uncertainty, fear unfounded'
'Countries that are in a position to choose the world, people are more sensitive to a vision and a new hope for your conscience.'
'How is this story from the speakers and the military just disappeared, the old soldiers tried to fulfill their obligations, because God is his first duty.'
'Honestly, ironically, peace and freedom for women, and the only way to avoid the Democratic Republic refused to use them - to vote.'

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