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Can you name the world events of 1956?

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This North African nation gains its independence from both Great Britain and Egypt (The Anglo-Egyptian Condominium)
Elvis Presley hits the US charts for the first time with this song
Norma Jean Mortenson changes her legal name to this now-famous screen name
This Soviet leader attacks the legacy of Joseph Stalin, labeling his rule a cult of personality
Morocco declares its independence from this European nation
Southern US Congressmen sign the 'Southern Manifesto' in response to this Supreme Court case, decided two years earlier
This South Asian country officially becomes the world's first Islamic Republic with the signing of its new constitution
2'' Quadruplex, the first format of this new technology, is first demonstrated in Chicago
This now famous songwriting/performance contest is held for the first time in Switzerland
The musical 'The King and I', about this kingdom, is released as a motion picture
Egypt nationalizes this geographical landmark, causing an international crisis
This phrase is signed into law as the new motto of the United States by President Eisenhower
This pioneering abstract painter dies in a car crash at age 44
These two men depart secretly for Cuba on a boat called Granma
The Soviet Army invades this country after a revolution against its pro-Soviet government erupts
This country, backed by France and the UK, invades Egypt's Sinai Peninsula
US President Dwight D. Eisenhower is re-elected, defeating this man - the same opponent he defeated in 1952
The US Supreme Court rules segregation on public transportation illegal, ending a bus boycott in this Southern city
For the second time in as many years, this annual prize goes unawarded
This former Axis power joins the United Nations

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