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The charter of this international organization, formed after the First World War, enters into force.The League of Nations
This man, proponent of a new political ideology called Fascism, becomes the premier of Italy.Benito Mussolini
This famed news magazine, best known for its annual issue on an important figure in the world, is published for the first time.Time Magazine
This amendment is finally passed, giving women the right to vote in United States elections.The Nineteenth Amendment
This man becomes the youngest general in the history of Spain; he will later go on to lead the country for 35 years.General Francisco Franco
The Great Kantō earthquake kills between 100,000 and 150,000 people in this Asian countryJapan
Volume 1 of this book is published, outlining the 'struggle' and political ideas of a man held in a German prison for an attempt to overthrow the Bavarian government.Mein Kampf
This revolutionary dies; his body remains on view in the capital of his homeland.Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
The federal government of Australia officially moves to this city, its new capital.Canberra
The first transatlantic telephone call is placed between these two cities.New York, USA and London, UK
This woman, formerly an enemy of the Catholic Church, is canonized by Pope Benedict XVSaint Joan of Arc
This man is awarded the Medal of Honor by the United States for the first solo transatlantic flight, which he completed the previous May.Charles Lindbergh
This physicist wins the Nobel Prize for his work on photoelectrics. Albert Einstein
A stringent immigration law is signed in this country, which will set limitations on immigrant groups, and ban immigration from East Asia.The United States of America
The Shōwa Era begins in Japan with the ascension of this emperor to the throne.Hirohito
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During the New York Stock Exchange collapse in October, this date - October 28, 1929, became known as:'Black Monday'
This document, outlining the treatment of prisoners of war, is signed. The Geneva Convention
A race is run to deliver a diptheria cure to the city of Nome, Alaska; it will be comemmorated by this annual event.The Iditarod
John Logie Baird becomes on of two men generally credited with the invention of this technology.Television
Alfred E. Smith becomes the first _________ nominated by a major party to the office of President of the United States.Catholic
These Italian immigrants are found guilty of murder in Massachusetts, a case which will have wide implcations for immigration policy in the United States.Nicolo Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti
Riots in Jaffa, a city in this British territory, result in the deaths of 93 people. British Mandate of Palestine
Musicals titled 'Lady Be Good' and 'Fascinating Rhythm', by this songwriter, debut on Broadway in New York City.George Gershwin
Italy begins its reconquest of this Mediterranean region, originally captured by Italy in 1912.Libya
This immensely influential film by German director Fritz Lang debuts in Berlin.Metropolis
This country, which gained independence the previous year, descends into a civil war which will last nearly a year.Ireland
Ahmet Zogu becomes the ruler of Albania under this name, for which he is better known.King Zog I
Reza Khan is crowned Shah of Iran, using this adopted family name to begin his dynasty.Pahlavi
Sam Nujoma, who on May 21, 1990 became the first president of this African Country, is born.Namibia
The modern country of Turkey is officially recognized and brought into existence by the this treaty, signed in Switzerland.The Treaty of Lausanne

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