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This country, populated by native Africans, British settlers, and ranchers of Dutch/German descent, becomes self-governingMay 31, 1910
Race riots begin in major US cities after a boxing match won by this African American boxerJuly 4, 1910
A fire breaks out at this New York factory; it will lead to worker safety reform throughout the USMarch 25, 1911
Hiram Bingham 'discovers' this abandoned Incan settlement, whose fame will soon spread worldwideJuly 24, 1911
Cherry blossom trees are planted in Washington DC, symbolizing friendship between the United States and this Asian countryMarch 27, 1912
This luxury liner sinks in the North Atlantic, after hitting an icebergApril 15, 1912
The First Balkan War begins; it will result in this empire losing almost all of its land in EuropeOctober 8, 1912
Construction begins on this city, now the capital of AustraliaMarch 12, 1913
This silent film star makes his movie debut in the film 'Making a Living'February 2, 1914
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated by this man, a Serbian nationalistJune 28, 1914
This war begins in Europe after a series of alliances are triggeredAugust, 1914
This non-violent activist returns to India after working in South Africa for nearly 22 yearsJanuary 9, 1915
This controversial film, depicting the Klu Klux Klan as defenders of American values, debutsFebruary 8, 1915
Albert Einstein presents this groundbreaking theory to the Prussian Academy of ScienceNovember 25, 1915
Paris is bombed by Germany using this new type of aviationJanuary 29, 1916
This agreement, dividing Ottoman holdings in the Middle East between France and the UK, is signed in secretMay 16, 1916
This battle, the longest of the First World War, ends after nearly ten months of fightingDecember 18, 1916
After a seven year revolution led by, among others, Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, this country signs a new constitutionFebruary 15, 1917
A revolution begins in this country with the overthrow of the monarch Nicholas IIMarch 8, 1917
This country enters the war on the side of Britain and France after intercepting a telegram that appeared to detail a plot between one of its neighbors and GermanyApril 6, 1917
This disease, responsible for somewhere between 40 and 100 million deaths, becomes a pandemicAugust, 1918
This American baseball team defeats the Chicago Cubs 4 games to 2 to win the World SeriesSeptember 11, 1918
This country becomes the last to sign an armistice, officially ending World War INovember 11, 1918
A peace conference in this European palace beginsJanuary 18, 1919
This future shah of Iran is bornOctober 26, 1919

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