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InventionCountryInventor, Date
PacemakerRune Elmqvist and Ake Senning, 1958
VelcroGeorge de Mestral, 1948
Weight ScalesInventor unknown, circa 5000 BC
RailroadRichard Trevithick, 1804
CoffeeKaldi*, circa 800 CE
SaxophoneAntoine Joseph Sax, 1846
Automobile (gasoline powered)Karl Benz or Gottlieb Daimler, 1886
Electric BatteryAlessandro Volta, 1800
GunpowderInventor unknown, circa 9th century BCE
NecktieInventor & date unknown
InventionCountryInventor, Date
BicyclePierre Marchaux, 1861
TelescopeHans Lipperhey and Zacharias Jansen, 1608
Aerosol CanErik Rotheim, 1926
WalkmanAkio Morita (SONY Corporation), 1979
Ballpoint PenLászló Bíró, 1931
Blackberry (handheld device)Research in Motion Limited, 1999
Artificial SatelliteSergei Korolev, 1957
SyringeFrancis Rynd, 1844
Personal ComputerMichael Donald Wise, 1975
BoomerangInventor unknown, circa 10,000 BC

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