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Can you name the significant events of 1994?

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This agreement, creating a large tariff-free zone linking three major countries, goes into effectJanuary 1, 1994
US President Bill Clinton signs the Kremlin Accords, a nuclear weapons treaty, with this Russian PresidentJanuary 14, 1994
The Markale Massacres kill 68 shoppers in a market in this Bosnian cityFebruary 6, 1994
This famous Edvard Munch painting is stolen from the National Gallery of NorwayFebruary 12, 1994
US troops are withdrawn from this African nation after a disastrous peacekeeping missionMarch 15, 1994
This Steven Spielberg Holocaust drama wins best picture at the Academy AwardsMarch 21, 1994
This man becomes the Prime Minister of Italy for the first timeMarch 27, 1994
The genocide of this ethnic group in Rwanda begins with the death of President Juvenal HabyarimanaApril 6, 1994
The lead singer of this famous grunge band is found dead in his home outside of Seattle, WashingtonApril 8, 1994
The Bishkek Protocol ends fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, a region of dispute between these two nationsMay 5, 1994
A rail line between the United Kingdom and France opens, using a tunnel under this body of waterMay 6, 1994
This former American Football star's ex-wife is murdered, beginning a sensational investigation and trialJune 12, 1994
The Aum Shirinkyo cult launches a terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway using this gasJune 28, 1994
Colombian athlete Andres Escobar is murdered, possibly in retaliation for accidentally scoring against his own team in this international tournamentJuly 2, 1994
The port of Aden is occupied by troops from the Northern section of this modern day countryJuly 7, 1994
A major fragment from Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hits this planetJuly 20, 1994
A strike ends the season of this major North American sports leagueAugust 12, 1994
This terrorist group formally ends all military operations in an attempt to support its political arm in upcoming peace talksAugust 31, 1994
Kansai International Airport opens in this Japanese citySeptember 4, 1994
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, former President of this country, returns from exile for the first time in 3 yearsOctober 15, 1994
Former US President Ronald Reagan confirms the long-suspected rumors that he is suffering from this degenerative illnessNovember 5, 1994
Newt Gingrich leads this US political party to victory in the 1994 midterm electionsNovember 8, 1994
The Lusaka protocol declares a cease-fire in the nearly 30 year long civil war of this nationNovember 20, 1994
Russian troops enter this rebellious Russian province in an attempt to bring it back under government controlDecember 11, 1994
The US government is forced to bail out this country after an exchange rate alteration causes a financial crisisDecember 19, 1994

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