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A man named Edsel takes over this company, the family business, from his father Henry.January 1, 1919
This former US president dies in his sleep at the age of 60.January 11, 1919
This intergovernmental organization is founded in ParisJanuary 25, 1919
A precursor to this political party is formed in Italy by a former Socialist journalist.February 23, 1919
Agitators in this region form the March 1 party to fight Japanese colonial rule.March 1, 1919
A revolution against British rule begins in this former Ottoman territory after the exile of Saad Zaghlul, a notable freedom fighter. March 9, 1919
British soldiers kill between 380 and 1,500 men, women and children during the Amritsar Massacre in this colonial posessionApril 13, 1919
This architectural movement, whose name means 'House of Building', is founded in Weimar Germany.April 25, 1919
Amanullah Khan, King of this country, attacks British troops in neighboring India.May 3, 1919
This man, later known as the father of modern Turkey, begins the Turkish War for Independence with an attack at Samsun on the Aegean coast.May 19, 1919
The United States Congress sends the 20th amendment, which would guarantee voting rights for this group, to the state legislatures for ratification.June 4, 1919
Two units of the US Army's 7th Cavalry cross into Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, led by this manJune 15, 1919
This treaty is signed, officially ending World War I.June 28, 1919
Sir Edmund Hilary, best known for being the first recorded climber of this mountain, is born.July 20, 1919
After less than five months in existence, the Socialist Republic established in Hungary by this man collapses.August 1, 1919
A branch of the Communist Party is founded in this country, sparking the first Red Scare.August 31, 1919
The Treaty of St. Germain officially dissolves this major empire, a German ally in World War I.September 10, 1919
This sitting US President suffers a serious stroke, causing his wife Edith to begin directing many of his activities and policies. October 2, 1919
The Volstead Act is ratified, banning alcohol and beginning this decade-long period in American historyOctober 28, 1919
This inventor of the AK-47 rifle is born in the southern Altai region of Russia.November 10, 1919
Health officials declare that this pandemic, responsible for the deaths of an estimated 50 million people worldwide, is declared over.November 30, 1919
Lady Astor becomes the first seated female member of this governing body.December 1, 1919
The first commercial radio broadcast, XWA, begins in this Canadian cityDecember 1, 1919
This famed French Impressionist dies at the age of 78 in southern France.December 3, 1919

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