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Can you name the Words that begin and end with an element's symbol?

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HintWordElement (Symbol forms bun)
The only element that works hereGadolinium
A messy eaterAntimony
Third largest U.S. state (area); Largest (population)Calcium
Number that when converted into Binary: 1001Neon
Common type of cup used for coffee, or brand of root beerMagnesium
A bar, or public meeting placeLead
Having to do with airAluminum
Material left behind by microscopic marine organisms, over time can create huge reefsChlorine
Property of a substance due to reflected and absorbed lightChromium
Last name of a famous scientist for whom element number 107 is namedBromine
HintWordElement (Symbol forms bun)
The name of the star around which earth orbitsTin
Hagrid's 'pet' giant spider's nameSilver
Small country north of Lake TanganyikaBismuth
A game played by 2 or more participants in which they attempt to complete a course the fastestRhenium
To rapidly turn on and off, as a light would if the connection to the power source were not constantFrancium
To move very fast, for humans, usually between 10 and 20 miles per hourRadon
Tissue left over from a wound or burn, commonly after surgery or a large lacerationStrontium
Plural form of an upper limb, or another name for weaponsArsenic
Former planet of the solar system, now considered a dwarf planetPolonium
The website in which this quiz is being takenSelenium

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