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How many characters are in the Binding of Isaac??
How many items are ingame??
100 are from the original game, with __ from the Wrath of the Lamb DLC. 
How many items were not able to be seen before Wrath of the Lamb patch version 1.2??
_______________, which were replaced by duplicates of the ____________________ 
Where can you get Cubes of Meat??
There are 6 ________: Famine, Pestillence, War, Death, Conquest, and the Headless Horseman 
Daddy Long Legs and Triachnid's special drop is??
In addition to ___________, they can also drop random boss items 
Who is the boss of Sheol??
_____ is the only boss that can appear in Sheol, and before WOTL was released, was the final boss. 
How many rooms in the Chest can have normal enemies only??
Who/What replaces Mom's Heart after killing Mom 9 times??
________ also spawns bosses as well as normal enemies. 
Which alternate floor looks exactly the same as the original??
_____ only primary difference to The ____ is its enemies and bosses. 
What do blood donation machines and devil beggars take first??
______ Hearts, Red Hearts (until 1/2 heart remains), Spirit Hearts, Final Red Heart 
Which character starts without any items??
____, until he gets the D6 
What does Isaac unlock for beating Satan??
__________ is found rarely in item rooms and devil rooms for one heart. 
Who are the creators of The Binding of Isaac??
I love you _____ and ______. :) 

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