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Hydroelectric energy is produced in what type of facility?
Landfills are an example of what type of energy producing facility?
When did nuclear energy become popular?
Why isn't solar energy practicle for the common people?
Where will you most likely find geothermal facilities?
When was hydrogen energy first used?
Who first harnessed hydroelectric energy?
Name a country besides the U.S. that use nuclear energy.
What is the harmful substance released during the production of nuclear energy?
What substance is being collected with the use of solar panels to create solar energy?
Nuclear energy is the chemical rearrangement of _________.
________ pollution may occur during Geothermal Energy Production.
Is a forest fire an example of Natural Pollution?
Motor vehicle exhaust is an example of what type of pollution?
Road traffic and air traffic can cause what type of pollution?
Hazardous wastes can affect what type of area?
Using explosives can cause what type of pollution?
What type of radiation is used to help treat cancer?
______ is caused by air pollution and can reduce visability in the atmosphere?
Power plants are an example of _______ pollutants.

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