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Which Dr. Suess book was associated with anti-abortionists, even though the book itself had nothing to do with the subject?
What war, fought between French and English to determine the dominant power in North America, was also known as the Great War for empire?
Name the chain of discount stores founded in 1962 by Sam Walton.
What nationally known pediatrician and author resided in Rogers, Arkansas for several years?
What is the only prime number that is an even number?
What planet was involved in the 'Great Comet Crash' of 1994?
What number is 1/4 of 300?
If you took a boat ride down the Ganges River to its mouth, into what body of water would you be sailing?
Where did the Confederates establish a new capitol in Arkansas?
Name the composer of the popular musical ballet 'Billy the Kid'.
31 is one, 41 is one, 11 is one, and 17 is one. What are they?
What term is defined as defamation in written form?
For a number to be divisible by 3, what must the sum of its digits be divisible by?
What is the dome shaped muscle that flattens when you inhale?
You can tour the only royal palace in the United States in what state capital?
What U.S. city is infamous for the hanging of 19 so called witches in 1692?
Who was the first woman to anchor a TV network evening news cast?
Identify the kind of drugs that decrease the activity of the nervous system.
Which Madden game was the first in its history to have two athletes on the cover?
When it is Winter in Europe, what season is it in the United State?
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Which company recently increased the price of their music downloads from .99 to 1.99?
What word is used to refer to original inhabitants of Australia?
What are the interior angle measures of a right isosceles triangle?
What was the name of the radio show that was ranked in the top ten that took place in the 'jot-em-down' store?
What 80's sci-fi movie is now being described as 'The Matrix of its day'?
Which of the two Roosevelts served first as President?
What title is given to the chief law officer in the Executive Branch of the of the Federal Government?
How many lines of symmetry does a circle have?
What was the name of the hotel on the TV series 'Petticoat Junction'?
What are cherubim and seraphim?
In the equation for slope-intercept 'y=mx+b', what does m equal?
What vehicles are raced in the 'Tour de France'?
What is the additive property? (a+?=a)
What's the document which set forth an agreement by which the Plymouth Colonists would govern themselves?
What was the name of the fisherman in Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea'?
What is the time it takes for half the sample of a radio active isotope to decay called?
Whose 1954 Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography was title 'The Spirit of the St. Louis'?
What is it called in basketball when an offensive player crosses half court with the ball, and then steps back over the line?
What's the National Football League's championship game called?
What tense of a verb shows an action that has been completed?

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