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Rescued from Gil'ead?
Caravhall storyteller?
A spellcaster that assists Roran?
A shade that is killed by Eragon?
A young girl who helps the leader of the Varden?
A group of evil Dragon Riders?
The leader of Alagaƫsia?
King of the Dwarves when Eragon arrives at the Beor Mountains?
Broms friend who later gives Eragon the book of Alagaƫsia?
Roran's wife?
A friend of Arya's who Eragon meets in Du Weldenvaden?
Eragon's half-brother?
Leader of the Varden?
The next in line for Dwarf king?
The queen of the Elves
Eragon's cousin?
Eragon's dragon?
A red dragon?
The last leader of the old order of Riders and had an island named after him?
Is defeated by Roran in a wrestling match?

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