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The year she was born
She was born on February 4th, also known as Rosa Parks day. 
The state she was born in
Parks was born in Tuskegee. 
The name of the laws, that from 1876 to 1965 had the status 'seperate but equal'
These laws segregated all public facilities in the south, including schools, restrooms, and transportation. 
Rosa Parks' main job (occupation)
She altered clothing styles here. 
Rosa liked working for this lady, whos husband was a white attorney
She arranged for Rosa to go to interracial workshops, and was also the first person Rosa saw that she knew when she went to jail. 
The name of a 14 year old boy who got murdered by white men for flirting with a white woman, four days before Rosa got arrested
His murder was going through Parks' mind when she rebelled against the Law. 
Her husband's name
Rosa Parks got married at the age of nineteen. 
The name of the bus driver that called the police to get Rosa arrested
This happened on Thursday, December 1, 1955. Ironically he had evicted Rosa from the bus twelve years earlier. 
Her famous quote was, 'The only tired I was, was tired of ______ __' (Two Words)
Rosa had made up her mind prior to not give up her eat to anyone. 
What NAACP stand for
Rosa was secretary of the NAACP. 
He wanted to take Rosas' court case all the way to fight against segregated buses.
He had waited for the perfect case to use as his ideal defendant. He previously had thought about using Claudette Colvin. 
The type of machine that some African American's used at Alabama State College, in order to spread the word of the bus boycott, in honor of Rosa Parks.
They made over 52,000 leaflets to not ride any buses for the black community on Monday with this device. 
Rosa's autobiography is called, 'Rosa Parks: __ _____' (Two Words)
Rosa's autobiography was published in 1992. 
The city Rosa Parks died in
She died on October 24, 2005. The bus she got arrested on can actually be found in Michigan. 

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