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Can you name the Entourage character from the hint given?

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Forced Order
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I am the movie star 
I am the manager 
I am the driver 
I am the cook 
I am the publicist 
I am the super-agent 
This show is loosely based off my life 
I coined the phrase 'Let's huge it out bitch' 
Terrence was once my business partner  
I have a yellow belt in karate 
'Is that something you might be interested in?' 
I stole the Shrek doll  
I wear sleeveless shirts frequently 
I am Queens BLVD 
Terrence is my father 
I was the manager for the rapper Saigon  
Ari's first assistant when the show started 
I was on the cast of Young and the Restless 
I never want to be anyone's first or anyone's last 
I have a pair of one-of-a-kind Fukijamas 
I have said, 'Any of you Xbox guys?' 
I was in a movie of the week with Johnny Drama and he 'got hard' in a scene with me 
Drama snaps my driver in half, and I laugh it off 
Vince and Johnny Drama were both on my late night show in the same night 
I gave Turtle a handjob 30,000 miles in the air 
I was Vince's agent after he fired Ari 
My nickname is Turtle, but my real name is... 
I was Vince's co-star in 'Head On' 
Eric's girlfriend when the show begins 
I banged a girl I met off Craigslist 
I had sex with Ari at a Red Roof In  
I've popped Sloan in the face like a Jackson Pollock 
Drama accuses me of freeing the monkeys at the Playboy mansion 
It was me who actually freed the monkey 
Vince goes in on a bet with me for a Manchester United game 
I banged the Madame 
I sell out Ari, telling Terrence that he is created his own agency 
I wanted to, but never banged the Madame 
I pour water on Turtle's head at a beach party 
A potential producer's wife tries to seduce me 
Vince lost his virginity to my cousin 
I am a message therapist at the Hard Rock in Vegas 
I install TV's and run a body shop 
I am director Billy Walsh, but my porn directing name is... 
I was Johnny Drama's agent before Lloyd 
I was the second person E managed  
I was on a Pure Tour  
I have ordered a Diet Creamsickle Shasta before 
I make the best offer to buy Medellin before it is screened  
I found Queens Blvd. for Vince 
I'm O.G. bro 
I offered Vince a role in the Australian surfing movie 'Tapping the Source' 
I banged a girl in the ass and made her ride home on her bike. 
I am a horse that Drama bought 
I found the script for Medellin on the subway in NY 
My husband cheated on me, and almost ran me over  
I work at Footlocker 
Terrence is my husband 
I have a threesome with E and Sloan, kind of  
I tell the boys that Medellin looks hot from the trailer I saw on YouTube 
I wish Johnny Drama happy birthday on stage at a concert 
I drop out of the lead in 'Lost in the Clouds,' and Vince takes it 
After Vince is dropped from Aquaman 2, I take the lead 

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