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Forced Order
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Blackout MomentsPerson
Walked to UC when Trying to Return to Brockman
Backed up Car into Danas
Camped out for Two Days for Crosstown Shootout Tickets, Passed out at Half
Arrested for Disorderly Conduct
Threw up on Girlfriend in Danas
Bought a Dozen Subway Cookies when High
Fell Asleep on Dog Infested Coach, when Allergic
Walked Home from Mount Adams
Blackout MomentsPerson
Telling Officers 'Arrest me, my Parents don't Care about me'.
Woke up in Brockman, when a Junior.
Squatted to go Bathroom, in the middle of a corn field, crying while guys wrestling.
Took a Shower on all Three Floors of 991, in one night.
Spotted with a girl outside his house, told her to 'RUN!' and frantically ran in his house alone.
Fell on his face on the pavement at Pig Roast
Fell on his face in front of Edgecliff Hall and chipped his/her tooth
Fired an assult riffle above his head on his birthday, wildly in the direction of horses

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