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GeographyCapital of Iran?
ArtsWho directed Avatar?
ScienceWhats this sequence called 0,1,1,2,3?
HistoryWho was the US president after Abraham Lincoln?
GeographyWhich city has the highest population?
ArtsAuthor of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?
ScienceWhat's a shape with 9 sides called?
HistoryWhat are the names of the wright brothers?
GeographyWhat's the third longest river in the world?
ArtsWho was the first James Bond actor?
ScienceWhat's the SI unit for luminous intensity?
HistoryWhat was Octavian's relation to Julius Cesar?
GeographyWhat's the highest mountain in Oceania?
ArtsWho's the author of The Importance of Being Earnest?
ScienceWhat's the seventh element in the periodic table?
HistoryWhat was Sir Francis Drake's ship called?
GeographyWhat city are the Spanish steps found?
ArtsWho had on their grave stone 'i told you i was ill'?
ScienceHow many Carbons does a benzene ring have?
HistoryWhat is the former name of Istanbul?
GeographyWhat country has the lowest GDP?
ArtsWho wrote the James Bond Novels?
ScienceWhats the coldest possible temperature in degrees celsius?
HistoryWhat was the former name of Constantinople?
Geography What country has the most Muslims?
ArtsWhat is the most successful movie franchise?
ScienceWho discovered the cell?
HistoryWhat country has the most world Heritage Sites?

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