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older brother
younger brother
father of the brothers
mother of the brothers
sam and deans job
person that helps sam and dean
angel that helps sam and dean
sam's addiction
sam's girlfriend
yellow eyed demon
kill a spirit
creature that plays games on sam and dean
bobby's last name
profit that writes supernatural books
demon that trains sam
sam is a vessel for...
dean is a vessel for...
weapon that dean killed yellow eyes with
transportation that dean is scared of
sam and deans grandfather
color of the car sam and dean drive
girl that stole the colt
blonde girl that becomes a hunter
owner of the roadhouse
things that witches leave behind
angel that looks for sam and dean
tortured dean in hell
demon that posseses mostly little girls
kill a shapeshifter
4 horsemen's special item
creature that sends dean in a fantasty
virus that sam's immune to
how many seals are there until lucifer rises
according to castiel, the funniest angel
kill a ghoul
the trickster's actual identity
song played at most of the beginnings
where does sam go to try to stop lucifer
what does dean find on himself after he got pulled out of hell
angel that that tried to kill sam
what sam is missing when he returns from hell
what does castiel become at the end of season 6
demon that is called the king of hell

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