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Identify the Star Wars galactic bodies by their description!

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Desert planet home to the protagonists of two trilogies
Rainy planet where the Death Star was being developed
Lush green planet home to the castle of a famous smuggler
Mineral planet to which vulptices are native
Planet where Anakin Skywalker made the final transformation into Darth Vader
Home planet of a Rebel and Resistance leader, destroyed by the Empire
Sunny planet hosting vital Imperial archives
Swamp planet home to one of the two to escape the Jedi Purge
Frozen planet hosting a Rebel base and home to vicious wampas
Aquatic planet home to two Rebel admirals
Desert planet with an even worse reputation than Tatooine
Planet with societies above and below its waters
Moon home to primitive furry creatures and an Imperial shield generator
Mining planet with a city suspended in its skies
Remote planet home to an ancient Jedi temple and an obnoxious species of birds
Urban planet home to the Jedi Council
Desert moon whose main city was holy to followers of the Force
Aquatic planet noted for cloning technology
Planet Galen Erso fled to before being taken back to the Empire
Remote planet where Grievous died
Planet in the Ileeniun system where the Resistance had their base
Snowy forest planet converted into a First Order superweapon
Home to a race of furry warriors with advanced technology
Desert planet where a wealthy casino city is located
Planet home to an insectoid species, and to a beast-fighting arena
Planet hosting an Imperial labor camp, from which Jyn Erso was extracted by the Rebellion
Trading post built between asteroids
Planet hosting the first major base of the Rebellion

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