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Name the characters by these shared elements. Some characters overlap with multiple others!

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Insufferable humanoid droid with a British accent
Poor desert dweller with a call to the Force
Elderly mentor killed by a Dark Side user whom he knew before his turn
Ancient diminutive alien wise in the ways of the Force
Plucky astromech droid sought after for valuable data
Enemy droid who exposes the heroes to the villainous faction
Masked villain in black with strong Force powers and a heroic relation
Young man torn between good and evil, corrupted by powerful Dark Side user
Sarcastic and formidable nonhuman sidekick and copilot
Powerful Dark Side user done in by underestimating his apprentice's compassion
Enemy commander protected by the control exerted on his immediate superior
Helmeted figure who fails to live up to their promised aptitude
Seemingly helpful scoundrel who sells out the heroes to the enemy
Scruffy pilot with few qualms, but a good heart and a close friendship with a non-human companion
Ace flyer whose skill aids him in destroying an enemy superweapon
Heroic commander who damages the enemy fleet with a ramming maneuver
Secluded Jedi Master reluctant to spread his teachings, and afraid his student will turn to the Dark Side
Mostly-machine villain with challenged breathing and vast, indistinguishable troops
Criminal with a large fortress hosting a diverse array of smugglers and outlaws
Elderly desert-dweller sought out by Leia for the transfer of vital data; killed by the villain, who was an old acquaintance
Criminal unconcerned with the fight and only in it for the promised reward prior to a change of heart

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