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Name the alien species from the Star Wars films by their clues!

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Furry desert beast with curled horns, used as a mount by Sand People
Parasitic silicon-based lifeform which flies and preys on electronics with its sucker-like mouth
Gargantuan predator in the seas of Naboo
Pig-like animal with a tremendous snout and a territorial nature towards its water
Bipedal transport animal used by Gungans
Fox-like creature with crystallized fur, native to Crait
Hulking hunchbacked creature with sharp claws and teeth, often used as a method of execution by criminal lords
Eyestalked cephalopod known to lurk in garbage
Transport creature with a metal helmet and mechanical enhancements
Reptilian mount used by Stormtroopers on Tatooine
Cat-like predator with four eyes and a split tail
Avian lizard with brilliant blue-green feathers, found on Utapau
Beakless marine avian with a curious nature
White-furred predator with a humanoid shape, living on Hoth
Pit-dwelling creature with sharp teeth and an extremely slow digestive process
Horned mount used on Hoth, with low tolerance for the planet's cold at night
Reptilian crustacean used in the beast arena on Geonosis
Many-eyed spherical creature with tentacles and a round toothy maw, responsible for the Trillia Massacre
Tentacled mind-reader which leaves its victims insane
Large reptile only seen as a skeleton in the films
'Space slug' living in asteroid craters
Horned beast used in the Geonosian arena
Long-eared quadrupeds used as a racing animal
Rock-dwelling marine mammal which produces green milk

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