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Identify the Star Wars races by description and/or members!

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HintAnswerNotable Member(s)
Species of diminutive humanoids with glowing eyes and a scavenging culture N/A
Humanoid species distinguished by a ring of horns on the headDarth Maul, Eeth Koth, Agen Kolar
Aquatic species similar to frogs, squid, and catfishAdmiral Ackbar, Admiral Raddus
Humanoid species with blue-striped horns and reddish skin Shaak Ti
Batlike reptilian humanoid with a proud warlike cultureGeneral Grievous (origin)
Small bear-like humanoid species living in a tribal societyWicket W. Warrick
Humanoid species defined by twin head-tails and a wide range of skin colorsBib Fortuna, Aayla Secura, Orn Free Taa
Tall furry humanoid with a warrior culture and advanced technologyChewbacca
Exclusively male amphibious humanoid resembling a blobfishUnkar Plutt
Large slug-like species whose members are most often criminalsJabba Desilijic Tiure
Amphibious species with many head-tailsKit Fisto
Three-eyed humanoid species with thick, many-fingered handsRee-Yees, Ask Aak
Brutish green humanoid resembling a pig, employed in Jabba's palaceN/A
Amphibious species living under the waters of NabooJar Jar Binks
Flying species with a trunk-like snout and a resistance to Jedi mind tricksWatto
Green-toned humanoid race with large round eyes, spiny heads, and snout-like mouthsGreedo, Onaconda Farr
Humanoid race, often musicians, with smooth, tall heads, black glossy eyes, knobbly fingers, and mouth flapsFigrin D'an and the Modal Nodes
Humanoid race with large foreheads, downward-curved horns, and large handsSaesee Tiin
HintAnswerNotable Member(s)
Humanoid race with greenish skin and facial tattoosLuminara Unduli, Barriss Offee
Porglike humanoid race, the females of which serve as caretakers for the first Jedi TempleN/A
Two-brained humanoid with a tall headKi-Adi Mundi
Humanoid race that requires masks to breathe in oxygen-rich environmentsPlo Koon
Bluish-violet-skinned humanoid race with colorless eyes, gaunt faces, and a talent for manipulationSly Moore
Diminutive humanoid race with long, floppy earsEven Piell
Long-necked humanoid with white skinLama Su, Taun We
Long-necked humanoid with four arms and red eyesYarael Poof
Dinosaur-like humanoid with grey skin and bony head crestsColeman Trebor
Insectoid species after which LOM-series droids were modeledZuckuss
Short piglike humanoid with white hair, seen working on Cloud CityN/A
Humanoid race known for their honor and fighting skill, and their customary dish-like helmetsConstable Zuvio
Relatives of Plo Koon's species, also requiring breathing assistance Edrio and Benthic 'Two Tubes'
'Hammerhead' species of humanoids with a long curved neck and two mouthsN/A
Narrow-headed, whiskered humanoids, many of whom served in the ResistanceEllo Asty
One-mouthed species of hammerheads known for following the Sacred Order of RamulusPraster Ommlen
Scavenging species who all used the same nameTeedo

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