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Pokémon by Bizarre Evolution Method Quiz Stats

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Evolution Method Resultant Pokémon % Correct
Hold your game system upside down when it reaches an evolving level. Malamar
Before it was made to evolve with an item, you'd have to level it up by a mossy rock on the map.Leafeon
Trade with another Pokémon to lose its shell in the process.Accelgor
Get an extra Pokémon when its source sheds its shell and you have a free spot in your party. Shedinja
Evolves by level up, but three different ways depending on its stat balance.Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop
Level up with high friendship and a Fairy-type move in its roster.Sylveon
Trade with another Pokémon to steal its shell in the process.Escavalier
Level up while its fish companion is in the party.Mantine
Evolution Method Resultant Pokémon % Correct
Decorate it and spin in a circle to make whipped cream!Alcremie
Land three critical hits in one battle.Sirfetch'd
Level up while it has the move Ancient Power.Mamoswine, Tangrowth, or Yanmega
Level up during different parts of the day for different forms.Lycanroc
Allow it to be severely weakened in battle and take it to a stone arch so the spirit possessing it can fully take over.Runerigus
Level up during rainy weather.Goodra
Level up while a Dark-type is in the party to serve as a bad influence.Pangoro
Collect twigs to be woven into a bracelet or wreath and give the object to the Pokémon.Galarian Slowbro or Slowking

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So I was trying to bake a cake the other day and I couldn't remember how many pecks were in a bushel, so I thought this measurement conversion quiz would help.
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