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Can you name the Greek Mythological Creatures?

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What its likemonster/ creature/ person
she jailed the hundred handed ones
ferrier of the river styx
Chiron is one of these
Guardian of Hades and the Underworld
One eyed forgers
Speaker of gods( mostly Apollo)
Half human, half god/ percy jackson
huge dragons with that spit acid
they live in trees
Mother of all monsters
Im a vampire
Hercules killed one of these by chasing it
SNIP, your dead
half lady half demon/ mrs.dodds
3 Bodied man/ triple G ranch owner
Soooo ugly(turn into stone)
What its likemonster/ creature/ person
Half fish, half horse/ rainbow
Another head?
half lady, half fish
you dont want to find this in a MAZE
impenetratalbe fur
Sea spirits
Half serpant half cow/ bessie
Two headed dog
flying horse
' where are you nobody?'
half man, half goat/grover
Multi headed monster who feeds on sailors
Their beautiful music lures you to your death
crazy metal birds
Hephaestus's huge metal creation
Only monster the gods fear.

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