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Can you pick the ALL Spongebob Characters!?

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Yellow Sponge
Teenage Female Whale
Squirrel who knows karate
Squidwards Enemy
Squidward's Elderly Mother
Sponges Mother
Sponges Father
Spongebobs Cousin
Sidekick of person who says 'EVILLL'
School Bully
Scary Monster that's Scared of Circles
Scary Fry Cook
Ray Man
Planktons Cousin
Name starts with C and ends with M 
Planktons Cousin
Name starts with J and ends with E 
Name starts with R and ends with S 
Two words and they both start with B  
Very long name, 8 words  
Name starts with E and ends with S 
Name starts with D and ends with G 
Pickles Under Tongue
Pet Snail
Patrick as a Girl
Owns the Chum Bucket
Old Fish
News Reporter
Mother of Mr.Krabs
Green Ghost (Perfume Department)
Green fish who wears a purple shirt
Greedy Krab
Grandmother who makes Cookies
God Of The Sea
Evil Bubble
Dumb Starfish
Don't get stung by one of these...
Computer Wife
Clarinet Player with a Large Nose
Bubble Freind
Boating School Teacher
An even Scarier Creature then the Sea Bear
A hand-drawing created by SpongeBob in his image using a human pencil
'Two hours later'
'My Leg'
'Livin' Like _____'
'I'm you biggest fan'
'Big, Scary, and Pink!'

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