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When was the Partition of India?
If a Christian is someone who practices Christianity, what is a Muslim?
What is one cause of slums?
How do we characterize slums?
Name one pro of a two country independence (partition of India)
What are the main religions of Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan
Is Hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic?
Is Islam monotheistic or polytheistic?
What is one effect of slum life?
Is slum life likely to go up or down in the future if there is no change in conditions?
Name one lifestyle of the Middle East and North Africa.
What is the main language in the Middle East countries?
Name one of the Islamic Pillars.
Where is the Middle East?
Where are the largest cities in the Middle East found?
True or false- Religous movements happen throughout history because people want a change in their society
When was the migration to Medina?
How is the Quran organized?

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