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LyricsSongAlbum (Year)
At least a beaten dog knows how to lie
All of my voids they are filled with sin
Show me a wonder
You won't eat away at my mind with your ideas of decency
Our lives drift into a faceless sense of void
Learn to live without clutter/To live without luxury/Sometimes I envy them
More words and less meaning/Communication disappearing
For I witnessed splendour/And evil that no one saw/And I felt kindness/And vanity for sure
Cheap entertainment sold like a new deodorant
Everyday more numb to agony/This the howl this the sigh of the lonely
Say where you're coming from/Say what you have left us
We all love our children
Let us choose our own wars and make our own mistakes
Don't fall in love cos we hate you still
Songs of love echo underclass betrayal
Everything I loved is now leaving me/No photographs can show how it used to be
Empty arms and naked heart/The love she sought through faltering thought
What have I said again?/I regret everything
Life can be as important as death
Oh what a shangri-la
LyricsSongAlbum (Year)
And the endless parade of old Etonian scum/Line the front benches so what is to be done?
Collapse or come together/What happened to forever?
There's no room in this world for a girl like me
The hole in my life even stains the soil
Now feed on alcohol drug and do what you're told
Digital terrorists will remember these days
Morrissey and Marr gave me choice
I'm talking rubbish to cover up the cracks
I wanna blow a hole in my head
An ocean wave to death, babe
Choice is skeletal in everybody's life
Drawn deep into some distant episodes/I don't know whether to laugh or cry
So sad and lonely and so derelict/As the optimism that we once shared
Draw a perfect circle, sleep foetus-like
It makes me angry ashamed but really alive
Wreckage inside all that's real/Another bought product, no reality
The brightest sun is the purest gun
You always mistook fists for flowers
Royalty - hereditery - unelected and becalmed/Just like Stalin
That's all you need

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