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Forced Order
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Mother, I've tried wasting my life Adore
Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanlinessMellon Collie
Soul takes soul as I take eyeGish
Then close your eyes you'll see the angel dustZeitgeist
You make it so you'll never give in to your foreversMellon Collie
I've been waiting such a long time for your smile, for youPisces Iscariot
Angel, you know it's not the end. We'll always be good friendsAdore
Tell me I'm the only one, tell me there's no other oneMellon Collie
My love is weakness, my love is oh so wrongPisces Iscariot
No more promise no more sorrow. No longer will I followSiamese Dream
Let me be every single moment I ever misunderstoodZeitgeist
Try to look for something in your city to burnGish
Believe, believe in meMellon Collie
She is Venus, she is Mars Adore
I'm all by myself as I've always feltSiamese Dream
All this pain smothers me, like a bomb that you can't seeGish
You know I'm not dead, I'm just the tears inside your headMachina
I'll tear my heart out before I get outSiamese Dream
Morphine city slippin dues down to seeMellon Collie
I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoesSiamese Dream
Life is not a dream when you can't wake up from the dream you wantedTeargarden By Kaleidyscope
I should go. See you in JuneGish
And in your sad machines you'll forever stayMellon Collie
I'll wrap my wire around your heart and your mindMachina
My boredom has outshined the sunPisces Iscariot
And should I fall from grace here with youMellon Collie
I miss everything I'll never beSiamese Dream
Tell me all of your secrets. Cannot help but believe this is trueSiamese Dream
My life has been extraordinary, blessed and cursed and wonMellon Collie

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