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Swallow your pride because silence is goldenConstellations
Sometimes the best feeling may be the one that kills.Thrill Seeker
You ask me to be blameless, but who are you to decide what's right?Constellations
We build with our hands what we have in our heartsLeveler
We have so little time, let's not spend it in angerThrill Seeker
You wear a mask of this city’s heroLeveler
I am just a man with a heart and sinful handsMessengers
Dance until the end, my friend, and find joy in every living thingThrill Seeker
You claim, you claim you were built to fallLost Messengers: The Outtakes
You think you're everything to everyoneMessengers
Trying to untie the knot we thought we were untying our entire livesConstellations
Slip on the ice againMessengers
The people who survive the sword will find favor in the desertConstellations
To take one last look at the moon, the stars begin to fallThrill Seeker
Sometimes I need to hit a little harderLeveler
Tomorrow is gone, I’ll start living for todayLeveler
Pull it together, button up your shirtMessengers
We can fight the current, but we can't climb the waterfallConstellations
Fallen captive, you've fallen captive to what you thought would save youMessengers
I used to be so young and invincibleConstellations

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