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One night opens wounds and words utter painFrail Words Collapse
As time goes on, some months are yet to passShadows Are Security
It is a broken system where we just wait for death.The Powerless Rise
This is what I am. This is what I have become.Shadows Are Security
Now I have seen the scars inflicted by my handsBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes
I can never forget you. I will never be the same Frail Words Collapse
I need to know that you are alive.The Powerless Rise
This is our chance, our time to stand An Ocean Between Us
Remove from me this deception that I call loveShadows Are Security
When I wake from this dream, will your smile still open my heart?Frail Words Collapse
I am a walking contradictionThe Powerless Rise
But what is control once we have let go of all we suffer?The Powerless Rise
From here to eternity, we begin understandingFrail Words Collapse
You never meant to give. You never had the choice.Frail Words Collapse
Stand on conviction and you will walk alone.The Powerless Rise
I have seen the stars fall and the sun rise againShadows Are Security
I know you are the one we left behindAn Ocean Between Us
We have all heard what we wanted to hearAn Ocean Between Us
The torment of your eyes has awakened my soul.Frail Words Collapse
Compelling us to fight the battles they would notShadows Are Security
For I would have stood by you right to the gates of hellAn Ocean Between Us
I remember the way you looked at me and the way you drew me closeShadows Are Security

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