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'Behind the punchlines, beneath the cape, without the squirt gun, under all the scotch tape...'
'We would never make mistakes, we'd correct our little blunders and select our better takes..'
'I'm at my best whenever there's a door...'
'The way he hung on 'till the crowd started yelling, Carroca, Carroca...'
'They call me Josephine the Gypsy Queen of Tambourine I give it a flip I give it a clap...'
'Welcome to Ocean Parkway, Rookie get a photograph...say cheese....Morty get an geez!'
'This guy walks in a doctor's office...'
'Here's a nickel kid, cheer up and go. And though I was only seven I discovered heaven at the RKO...'
'It's the story of the three musketeers...right...and it starts in a tavern...'
'New York and I we've had a long affair, breathe in my friends savor that perfumed air...'
'Like no other year of my life, my favorite year, that time when I knew...'
'Curling up on sofas calling in their pets, passing out the popcorn, turning on their television sets!'

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