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Can you name the band with the following 3 hits?

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Even Flow Yellow Ledbetter, Dissident
Jane, Brian Wilson, Lovers In a Dangerous Time
Found Out About You, Hey Jealousy, Follow You Down
Basketcase, When I Come Around, Hitchin A Ride
About A Girl, All Apologies, Come As you Are
Swallowed, Machinehead, Chemicals Between Us
Run, Shine, Gel
Round Here, A Long December, Hanging Around
Cumbersome, Waters Edge, Lucky
I Alone, All Over you, Turn My Head
Dreams, Linger, Free to Decide
Annas Song(Open Fire), Tomorrow, Freak
Desperately Wanting, Good, King of New Orleans
What's this Life For, My Own Prison, Higher
Bad Day, Innocent, Shimmer
Iris, Name, Long Way Down
Push, 3am, If You're Gone
Naveed, Supermans Dead, Clumsy
Marmalade, Spiders, Sugar
Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, Never Let you Go
Open Up Your Eyes, You Wanted More, If You Could Only See
Above, Drag You Down, One Thing
Believe, American Woman, Again
My Friends, Aeroplane, Soul to Squeeze
Fly, Every Morning, When It's Over
6th Ave. Heartache, One Headlight, Only Difference
El Scorcho, Sweater Song, Say It Ain't So
Creep, Vaseline, Big Bang Baby
Rocket, Today, Tonight Tonight
Hurt, Closer, The Perfect Drug

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