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what is Joey's imaginary friend's job?maurice
if chandler was gay who would be out of his league?'I could so get a ....'
whose nail does Rachel find in the nail salon?TOW all the rugby
what advice does estelle give to the pyramid of dogsgive the same advice to joey
what is the trophy called in the football tournament between the friends?
what is the number of monica's apartment in the pilot episode?its later 19
what is the big secret phoebe's ex husband keeps from her?the ice dancer
what colour was rachel's prom dress?
what fact about ross is inconsistant throughout the all the series?
what does rachel threaten to get when the chick 'goes through some changes'?
what nationality does phoebe pretend to be when rachel get a massage from her?Rachel 'Damn you can lie about...'
what language does joey try to speak?
how many categories of towel does monica have?Joey 'guest, fancy guest....'
how did chandler know rachel bought scotch tape?
why does rachel not want to move from joey's apartment?
what does monica think pete has designed for her?
what does rachel think chandler's job is?
where does rachel lose her engagement ring?she needs to give it back to barry
what does joey think ross has dressed up as for halloween?Monica 'no space.....'
how many friends have lived in joey's apartment

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