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PlotSitcomYear Began
The story of four friends, “The Gang,” who run a bar. 2005
Events in the lives of five friends who live in New York City. More specifically, the (expanded) story of how one of the characters meets his wife. 2005
The story of a Long Island family who live across the street from their parents/in-laws1996
The stories of six friends in New York1994
The behind-the-scenes events of a fictional sketch comedy show2006
The story of a girl in her 20's and her intelligent but socially awkard neighbors2007
The story of a single man whose brother and nephew come to live with him after his brother’s divorce2003
The story of a married couple who allow their father/father-in-law to live with them1998
PlotSitcomYear Began
Events in the lives of a straight woman and her gay, male best friend1998
The work experiences of employees for a Pennsylvania paper supply company2005
The story of a guy who decides to turn his bad life around by making a list of all the bad things he's done and trying to make up for every one of them.2005
The story of four New York women who often discuss their sexual lives 1998
The story of a dysfunctional California family who deal with losing their wealth after their father is sent to prison for shifty accounting practices2003
The comical story of several individuals who work in the medical field 2001
The story of a dysfunctional Rhode Island family (animated)1999

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