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Can you name a character in Super Smash Bros. that fits the description provided?

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Name A Fighter That...FighterExtra Info
Can have a gun on them (no arm cannons)
Has wings
Can wear a cape at all times
Has a moustache
Wears a cap with a brim
Was created between the years of 2010 and 2020
Was a newcomer in Melee
Has the letter Y in their english name (no last names)
Has a projectile that automatically returns to the user without any player input (assuming a flat stage with no walls) (no custom special moves)
First appeared in a game on the SNES
Originates from the Super Mario franchise
Was a newcomer in Smash 4
Appeared as a trophy in a game before they first became a newcomer
Could glide in Brawl
First appeared in a game on the Game Boy
Has a move with a darkness attribute
Was created between the years of 2000 and 2010
Was a newcomer in Smash Ultimate
Had a ship that fought against the Subspace Gunship in Brawl
First appeared in a game on the N64
Wears eye protection
Can have blue hair or fur or feathers
Was on the Switch before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out (Not including NES Online or ports)
Has only been in one game in their home series (not including re-releases/ports/remakes, but including cameos and spin-offs)
Has a grabbable projectile (not counting pockets)
Name A Fighter That...FighterExtra Info
Has never had a trophy
Uses a hammer in their moveset
Was created before the NES released
Originates from an RPG
Has more than two jumps
First appeared in a game on the Wii or Wii U
Can have pointed ears
First appeared in a game on the 3DS
Has a move that utilizes their mouth
Only has their Smash Ultimate render as their fighter spirit
Comes from the Fire Emblem franchise
Takes damage from swimming
Was a newcomer in Brawl
Originated from a game on the Famicom/NES
Was in a Super Smash Bros. game with a boss from their series (stage bosses do not count)
Was visibly vaporized in the World of Light opening
Comes from a series that also has a guest character in Tekken 7
Always faces an opponent in a 1v1
Has appeared in a Mario Kart game (not counting costumes)
Has a move that uses water (ice does not count)
Can wear a visible necktie
Has more than 1 fighter spirit
Uses a whip or chain as a weapon
Has a passive shield that blocks projectiles when not attacking
Is not a third party character and has no items from their series (not counting assist trophy summons)

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