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Can you guess the character based on trivia about them in Smash Bros. Series?

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The fighter represented by Lincoln in their splash screen at E3
The only unlockable newcomer in Smash 4 (Wii U ver) that isn't a clone character.
The only starter character from Smash 64 that has never been in a CGI trailer
The only DLC newcomer in Smash 4 that isn't third party
Is based on a different game after every two games
The first playable character to be separated in the next game, and then reunited in the game after
The first echo fighter with a splash screen
References a different version of the fighter with the Kirby costume in Brawl and Smash 4 than the version that's playable in that game
The only character who had their soul taken in a reveal trailer
The only Smash 64 character to have an echo fighter
Was announced as a newcomer slightly 10 years after their last appearance
The only character in Smash 64 to have a new voice in every game after
The first character to skip an entry of Smash Bros. before returning in a later game
The only fighter with two victory poses in Smash Bros. 64
The only Mario character that is a starter in every game
The first newcomer shown in the August 8th 2018 direct
The only character who can take damage during their Final Smash
The only character from a series with only two music tracks and two spirits
Has the only taunt that heals the user
The first character to have both a reflector and a counter in their base moveset
The first third party character to have different characters as alternate costumes
The last character revealed for Brawl
The only character that doesn't have any recolors as alternate costumes
The first villain announced for Smash Bros.
The first male third party character who has never been in a fighting game that isn't Smash Bros. before
First character to be playable that was not made in Japan
The only Metroid character to never have a final smash with the word 'Laser' in it
TriviaCharacterExtra Info
Has the same voice actor as Goku in Smash 4 onwards
The only Fire Emblem character who doesn't have an upward stab for an Up Smash
The tallest female character in Smash Bros.
The only fighter from a racing game
The oldest playable character in Smash Bros.
Has a final smash named 'Final Edge'
The only character that can kill with an up taunt
The first character with male and female variants that is female by default
The only clone of a character from a different franchise
The first third party character to not be created in Japan
The only 3rd party character in Smash 4 that can't wall jump
The only fighter to never have appeared outside Japan except in Smash Bros.
The only character to speak a full sentence while being star KOed
The only 3rd party fighter to appear in three games
The only non-echo clone newcomer in Smash Ultimate
The only character to come from a series that has never appeared on a Nintendo home console
Had green eyes until being corrected in Smash 4
The only character to be cut after being in more than one game
The only character to appear in Smash Bros. before appearing in any other game
The only character who had a series icon change between games
The only playable character not on Melee's character select screen
The first newcomer to be revealed with another newcomer that isn't from the same series
The only character with four meteor smashes
The only fighter with all of their special moves putting them into helpless fall
The only playable character created in the United States
The only playable character in Brawl that has no sticker depicting them
Fighter number 51 according to Smash Ultimate
TriviaCharacterExtra Info
The first playable character to be fully created by a Nintendo owned subsidiary
The only character with a Down-Smash that can never KO while grounded
The only character with wings that doesn't fly with them
The first clone character to be an actual clone of the original character
The only Fire Emblem character without a counter
The only Zelda character made in the 21st century
The only character in Smash 64 to only be playable once outside of Smash Bros.
The only female newcomer in Brawl
The first character that spoke Japanese in the western release of a Smash Game to then gain an English voice
The first 3rd party fighter to be from the 21st century
The only character with additional visual effects when getting KOed
The only newcomer that was visible in the first 'Everyone is Here' banner at E3
The only echo fighter to previously have had a mii fighter costume
Shows several characters from other franchises without a character in their reveal trailer
The first character to have more than six alternate costumes
The first generic enemy (mob) to be playable in Smash Bros.
The only fighter to not have a stage based on their home series
Had a third eye on their trophy in Melee
The character with the lowest online win ratio (according to Sakurai) up to November 2014
Is voiced by Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Smash Bros.
The only first-party newcomer in Ultimate to never have been referenced in any previous Smash Bros game
Had only four palette swaps in the first three smash games
The first DLC character in the franchise
References 18 franchises, other than their main series, through taunts
The only female character to speak in the Subspace Emissary

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