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Can you name the events that took place during March 2001?

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1 MarchUniversity College London establishes this group, dedicated to researching various topics related to environmentalism.
2 MarchThe Taliban begins destroying these giant Buddhist sculptures.
3 MarchA C-23 Sherpa plane belonging to the United States Air Force crashes in this U.S. state due to stormy weather, killing all 21 people aboard.
4 MarchThis organisation detonates a massive car bomb outside of the BBC Television Centre.
5 MarchThirty-five Muslims are trampled to death during this ritual, part of the Hajj pilgrimage.
6 MarchThis Australasian/Oceanic country holds its 31st Census of Population and Dwellings.
7 MarchUnited States President George W. Bush announces that talks with this Asian country would not be resumed until U.S. policy towards the region was reviewed.
8 MarchThe largest piece of this hydroplane, which crashed on 4 January 1967 while being used by Donald Campbell in an attempt to break the world water speed record, is recovered.
9 MarchLetters are sent out to every household in this Chinese city to remind them of the upcoming census.
10 MarchThis English surgeon and researcher of organ transplantation dies.
11 MarchThis Sudanese doctor, director of the Amal Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Physical and Mental Trauma, is arrested for providing political information to foreign contacts.
12 MarchRussian President Vladimir Putin agrees to end a six-year freeze on weapon sales to this country.
13 MarchThe United States bans imports of animals and animal products from Europe as this disease spreads from the United Kingdom to France.
14 MarchAstronomers detect the first radio waves from this type of celestial object.
15 MarchWithin a four-hour period, four tornadoes touch down in the county warning area of this U.S. state capital.
16 MarchFor the first day in over eight years, there are no reported cases of this crime in the United Kingdom.
17 MarchThis massive greenhouse complex opens in Cornwall, England.
18 MarchThis Japanese prime minister arrives in the United States for a three-day visit.
19 MarchThe Bank of Japan adopts this unconventional monetary policy in an attempt to curb deflation.
20 MarchThe ungoing energy crisis in this U.S. state causes hundreds of thousands of people to lose power.
21 MarchSouth Africa unveils a human rights memorial near this site of a 21 March 1960 police massacre.
22 MarchThis Russian Foreign Minister announces Russia's plans to expel as many diplomats from Moscow as the U.S. expelled from Washington
23 MarchDuring reentry, this Russian space station is destroyed by the Earth's atmosphere above the southern Pacific Ocean.
24 MarchThis movie wins seven of nine awards at the 21st Golden Raspberry Awards, missing out only on Worst Actress and Worst Remake or Sequel.
25 MarchThe Academy Awards are held in this venue for the tenth and final time.
26 MarchThe trial for Michael Monroe, accused of stealing this amount of money from a parked car in 1999, begins.
27 MarchA train crash in this European country kills eight.
28 MarchA tornado in this Asian country kills ten and injures over 100.
29 MarchA plane bound for this Pitkin County seat in Colorado, United States, crashes into a hillside, killing all eighteen people aboard.
30 MarchThis video game console, the last one released by its company, is officially discontinued.
31 MarchThis theme park opens in Osaka, Japan.

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