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Can you name the events that took place during January 2001?

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1 JanuaryThis country becomes the fifteenth to adopt the Euro as its currency.
2 JanuaryThis woman is sworn in as the eighth governor of Puerto Rico, the first female to hold the position.
3 JanuaryA large wildfire begins just east of this major Californian city.
4 JanuaryBBC News reports that this sense is 'established in [the] womb.'
5 JanuaryThis American actress, best known for playing Beulah Balbricker in the film 'Porky's,' and this Zambian footballer, Zambian Footballer of the Year in 1994 and 1995, both die (name either).
6 JanuaryThe extremely-controversial 2000 U.S. presidential election finally comes to a close as this man is declared the winner.
7 JanuaryThe Guardian reports that this mental illness may afflict up to one quarter of all adults in the U.K.
8 JanuaryThis female artist wins three awards at the 28th annual American Music Awards, more than any other artist.
9 JanuaryApple releases this now-iconic media player.
10 JanuaryAn Australian research team accidentally creates an extremely-virulent strain of this virus, sparking fears over the possibility of its use as a biological weapon.
11 JanuaryTwo American media corporations merge, combining their names in a most-uncreative fashion to form this company, which lasted for just under nine years.
12 JanuaryOne of the worst child abuse cases in U.K. history comes to an end when Carl Manning and Marie-Therese Kouao are sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against this girl, aged eight at the time of her death.
13 JanuaryA 7.6-magnitude earthquake strikes this North American country, killing more than 840 people.
14 JanuaryA helicopter crash in this Asian country kills nine people, including four United Nations staff members.
15 JanuaryThis online information center, now the sixth-most-visited website in the world, is launched.
16 JanuaryLaurent Kabila, the president of this African country, is assassinated by his own bodyguard.
17 JanuaryThis American explorer, who co-led an expedition to the Pacific Ocean, is posthumously promoted from a lieutenant to a captain.
18 JanuaryThis British television channel is launched, focusing on entertainment programming.
19 JanuaryThe European Parliament confirms beginning and end dates for this sleep-schedule-disrupting phenomenon for the years 2007-2011.
20 JanuaryThe answer to this quiz's sixth question succeeds this man to becoming the 42nd (officially 43rd) president of the United States.
21 JanuaryByron De La Beckwith, the assassin of this civil rights leader, dies at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
22 JanuaryThe Environmental Protection Agency decides to slash the allowable quantity of this element in drinking water by four fifths, from 50 parts per billion to 10 parts per billion.
23 JanuaryAccording to the Chinese government, five members of this spiritual movement set themselves on fire in Tiananmen Square
24 JanuaryThe last two members of this gang of escaped prisoners are recaptured in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.
25 JanuaryA Douglas DC-3 aircraft crashes in this South American country, killing 25.
26 JanuaryA 7.7-magnitude earthquake kills tens of thousands of people in this Indian state.
27 JanuaryTen people involved with this university's men's basketball team die in a snowstorm-induced plane crash.
28 JanuaryThis Palestinian leader delivers an acrimonious speech against the Israeli government, one day after the end of a series of peace talks that failed to reach a settlement.
29 JanuaryThousands of Indonesian student protesters storm Parliament to demand the resignation of this Indonesian president due to alleged corruption.
30 JanuaryVarious news sources reveal that this band was the highest-earning U.K. band/musician of the year 2000.
31 JanuaryThis video game company announces its plan to 'go third party' by discontinuing their most recent system and exiting the hardware industry to focus only on software.

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