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Can you name the words to Bob Dylan's Last Thoughts on Woodie Guthrie?

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HintFinish the LineWords
When your head gets twisted5
When you think you're9
When you're laggin' behind and3
In a slow motion5
No matter what you're doing5
If the wine don't come6
If the wind's got you sideways5
And the other starts slippin'5
And your train engine fire needs6
And the wood's easy findin'6
And your sidewalk starts curling6
And you start walkin' backwards5
And lonesome comes up5
And tomorrow's morning seems3
And you feel the reins5
And your rope is a-slidin'6
And your sun-decked desert3
Turn to broken down slums4
And your sky cries water6
And the lighnting's a flashin'5
And the windows are rattling and breaking6
And your whole world's3
And your minutes of sun turn to3
And to yourself you sometimes say19
And you start getting chills5
And your lookin' for something5
And you're knee deep in dark water6
And the whole world's a watchin'5
And your good gal leaves6
And your heart feels sic5
And your jackhammer falls6
And you need it badly6
And your bell's bangin' loudly6
And you think your ears might have been hurt10
And you figured you failed3
When you were faked out and fooled white4
And all the time you were holdin' three queens20
And there's something on your mind5
That somebody someplace4
But it's trapped on your tongue5
And it bothers you badly5
And no matter how you try you just can't say it11
And your eyes get swimmy6
And your pillows of feathers5
And the lion's mouth opens6
And his jaws start closing3
And you're flat on your belly5
And you wish you'd never taken4
And you say to yourself5
On this road I'm walking5
On this curve I'm hanging5
In the space I'm taking5
HintFinish the LineWords
Am i mixed up too much?6
Why am I walking4
What am I saying4
On this guitar I'm playing5
On this mandolin I'm strumming5
In the tune I'm humming5
In the words that I'm thinking10
Who am I helping, what am I breaking8
But you try with your whole soul best5
And never to let them kind of thoughts7
But then again5
Just waiting for a chance5
'Cause sometimes you hear them6
And you fear that they might4
And you jump from your bed6
And you can't remember6
If that was you in the dream3
And you know that it's4
And you know there's no drug5
And no liquor in the land6
And you need something special, yeah5
You need a fast flyin'5
To shoot you someplace4
You need a cyclone wind5
That's been6
That knows your troubles4
You need a Greyhound bus5
That won't laugh at7
And by any number of bets in the book8
You need something to open up3
To show you something3
But overlooked5
You need something to open up your eyes, you need something to make it known 9
That spot that you're standing5
That the world ain't got you beat6
It can't get you crazy no matter how many5
You need3
You need something special4
But hope's just a word8
On some windy corner5
But that's what you need man5
And your trouble is5
'Cause you look and you start3
'Cause you can't find it4
And it ain't on 3
And it ain't on5
And it ain't in5
And it ain't made in4
And it ain't on that 3
With that half-wit comedian on it12
No you can't find it in no night club4
And it ain't in the seats of3
HintFinish the LineWords
And sure as hell you're bound to tell that no matter hard you rub, you just ain't gonna find it4
No, it ain't in the5
And it ain't in the6
And it ain't in no3
Or down any3
And you can't find it on the2
And uncle Remus can't tell you5
And it ain't in the cream puff hair-do's4
And it ain't in the dime store dummies3
And it ain't in the marshmallow noises5
That come knockin' and tappin' 3
Saying ain't I pretty and ain't I cute and look at my skin10
Look at8
When you can't even sense5
These people so pretty5
No you'll not now or no other day10
And inside it the people made of molasses10
And it ain't in the fifty-star generals4
Who'd turn you in6
Who breathe and burp4
And before you can count from one to ten13
The ones that wheel and deal and whirl and twirl11
And you can't find it either5
That run around gallant and make all the rules for5
Ant it ain't in the ones that ain't got any talent but they think they do5
The ones who jump on the wagon just for a while6
To make their kicks, get out of it quick8
And you yell to yourself and you4
Ain't there no one here5
And there no one here5
Good God Almighty4
No but that ain't your game4
You can't hear your name5
You gotta look3
And where do you find5
Where do you look for5
Where do you look for4
Where do you look for4
Where do you look for this hope that you know is there4
And your feet can only walk down4
Your eyes can only look through 4
Your nose can only smell 4
You can touch and twist and turn4
You can either go to5
Or you can go to3
You'll find7
You'll find 6
And though it's only my opinion6
You'll find them both 6

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