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Who was caught writing a book about the liars?
What is the name of the character who was supposidly mysteriously killed?
What does Hanna dress up as to go on the Halloween train?
Where did Aria and Ezra meet?
Where does Emily work?
Pretty Little Liars the TV show is based on a series of novels by which author?
What color were the streaks in Aria's hair in the pilot episode flashbacks?
What is Spencer's mom's job?
Who is the British doctor who is often a love interest for Spencer?
What city do the liars live in?
What was Emily's boyfriend's name in Season 1
Who is the stepsister of Toby?
What was Hanna's mean nickname when she was heavy (chubby)?
What town did Caleb move to?
What branch of the military is Emily's dad part of?
Whose dead body does Aria wake up next to in a crate?
What is Ali's Alias?
Who stayed in Ali's old room while her parents were away?
Who always send mysterious text message to the lairs?
What is the name of Ezra's supposed son?
What is Spencer's sister named?
Who briefly dated Aria's brohter Mike?
What's the name of the town where the creepy doll shop is?
Who is Spencer's half brother?
Who does A force Hanna to dance with at the danceathon?
What sport did Emily compete in before she got hurt?
What is Caleb's last name?
What play does Mr. Fitz direct in Season 1?
What does the N.A.T. in N.A.T. club stand for?
What is Hanna's stepsister's name?
What is Aria's brother's name?
What instrument does Noel Kahn play?
What is the name of the hospital Spencer and Mona stay in?
What is Emily's last name?
What did Alison give all the girls as gifts?
What is the name of Lindsey Shaw's character?
What actor plays the part of Toby Cavanaugh?
What actress plays the part of Aria Montgomery?
Where did Aria and her family move to?
What girl did Alison spend time with at Cape May?
What was the name of emily's ex who died in season 2?
What does Toby’s tattoo say?
What college does Byron teach at?
What is Mr. Fitz's real last name?
What was the date of Ali's disappearance?
Who wrote on a car 'I See You'?
What is the name of Melissa's dead husband?
What is Hanna's last name?
What sport does Mike play?
What Olympian made a cameo on the show?

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