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Which character was once overweight?
Who wants a bathtub for the loft?
What is the name of the neighbor that Paul and the loft mates found dead on Thanksgiving?
What's the name of the jar the loft mates put money into?
What religion does Schmidt practice?
What is the name of Cece's Russian roomate?
What is Jess' last name?
what piece of furniture did Jess add to the loft that Schmidt hated?
Who wants to have a threesome with Jess and the other roommates?
What is Nick's dance he does when things get awkward?
Where did Winston play basketball?
Jess ruins what type of science project created by a student?
Who thinks her pogo is the way she says pan?
What does Nick do for his job?
What animal does Nadia say Jess reminds her of?
Who does Winston lose his virginity to?
What is Jess' 'pogo' according to her roommates?
Where is Nick from?
What is Coach's real name?
What did Nick study in college?
What was the name of the Romney family member Schmidt pretended to be?
What are the first two words in the New Girl theme song?

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