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Introduces P-Switches, Super Leaves, and the Venus Fire Plant.
Includes Goomba pipes, and Note Blocks.
Introduces the White semiplatform, and the first whistle.
It can bring a white Toad House. It is the first sky level.
Introduces Dry Bones, and the 2nd whistle.
The first underground level. Introduces Invisible Note Blocks.
Leads to a Hammer Bros. mini level, and another Toad House.
The first level with Koopalings.
The first desert level.
The first level with boos in it.
First level that has the Angry Sun.
The first level that introduces Falling Buzzy Beetles.
The second level with Koopalings.
The first water level.
The third level with Koopalings.
The fourth level with Koopalings.
A level that leads to the second part of the map.
The fifth level with Koopalings.
The first ice level.
The sixth level with Koopalings.
A piranha plant level.
A piranha plant level.
The last level with Koopalings.
The only ship level on water.
A very short stage. Leads to an item.
A very short stage. Leads to an item.
A very short stage. Leads to an item.
The last aerial scrolling level.
The first level taking place in a dark map.
The last level to include Cannons.
The last actual level of the game.
You have to defeat 1 or 2 Hammer Bros. to get an item.
Let you go to different areas on the map.

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