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Martial Arts
Fabian Carrillo
Lorenzo Lamas
Brandon Lee
Jet Li
Thomas Ian Griffith
Jeff Speakman
Michael Dudikoff
Dolph Lundgren
Mark Dacascos
Martial Arts
Richard Norton
David Bradley
Gary Daniels
Jeff Wincott
Jerry Trimble
Maggie Q
Jean Claude Van Damme
Chuck Norris
Bruce Lee
Martial Arts
Tony Jaa
Daniel Bernhardt
Jackie Chan
Bryan Genesse
Hector Echavarria
Kathy Long
Billy Blanks
Cynthia Rothrock
Donnie Yen
Martial Arts
Matthias Hues
Michael Jai White
Bolo Yeung
Olivier Gruner
Steven Seagal
Don The Dragon Wilson
Jalal Merhi
Loren Avedon

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