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which legion had two primarchs?
which primarch can turn invisible?
how many legions were there at the time of the heresy?
name the hidden primarch of the Alpha Legion
which legion was targeted by the Word Bearers on Calth?
who was the head of the Custodian Guard?
which primarch did the Chaos Gods originally desire before Horus?
on which planet was the use of psychic powers outlawed by the Emperor?
which primarch was Rogal Dorns polar opposite?
which legion was all but annihilated by the Space Wolves?
how many traitor legions were present on Isstvann 3?
which legionnaire was the voice of reason to his primarch Angron?
who was the first primarch to fall to Chaos?
name the type of weapon that the Boltgun replaced as the legions standard armament
which Oscar Wilde character is Fulgrim based off?
which legion was known as 'The First'
which legion first allowed Daemons to posses them?
the mechanical life supporting sarcophagus that allows wounded legionaries to carry on fighting
name the system in which the heresy officially began
who commanded the Eisenstein?
name the orbital fortress of the Imperial Fists
Rogal Dorns homeworld before Terra
who breaks Lucius' nose in a training duel?
which primarch was nicknamed 'The Gorgan'?
on what planet were the primarchs created?
the hammer that Vulkan originally planned to give to Horus
which Chaos God tricked Magnus the Red into breaking the edict on psychic powers?
name Horus' Flagship
the Emperors Regent
name the legion Horus intended to destroy by sending them to the Signus Cluster

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